Company Policies

ODORS: When propane tanks are becoming empty, they begin to emit an odor. If you smell gas odors, turn the propane tank(s) off and call Warner’s Propane immediately for service.

REGULAR ROUTE CUSTOMERS: On route deliveries are determined by the customers usage. Billing is 15 days, anything over 30 days past due will incur a finance charge. No deliveries will be made until balance is paid in full or payment arrangements have been made (see PAST DUE ACCOUNTS). The customer may call in the percentage if the tank is reading around 20%. If you choose to become a Will-Call customer, you must call our office to make this change. Changes cannot be made through the delivery driver.

WILL-CALL CUSTOMERS: A Will-Call account means we do not automatically deliver propane. You must call our office to schedule a delivery. We require that you call a minimum of 3 business days in advance or when the tank is at 20% so we may work your delivery into the route schedule. In the event that your tank runs empty, we will be required to perform a Leak Test (see OUT OF GAS).

MINIMUM DELIVERIES: Minimum delivery for oil is 150 gallons. Minimum fills for propane, please call the office.

OTHER FEES: For each propane delivery made, there will be a fee of $5.95 applied to your bill. It will be labeled as Safety and Environmental Fee. This fee is also added to any propane service call.

SPECIAL DELIVERIES: Any delivery that is not made during business hours, the customer will be charged a special trip fee of $150.00. This fee must be paid to the driver at the time of delivery. During business hours, calls that are received less than the 3-business day minimum will also be subject to a
special trip fee of $95.00. In the event the tank runs empty, you will also be charged for a Leak Test (see OUT OF GAS).

OUT OF GAS: Due to Federal Regulations, we are required to perform a Leak Test on tanks that have run completely empty. This test is performed at the tank which tests the line and shutoff valves on the appliances in the home. There will be a labor charge of $95.00 for this test. In the event your system
does not pass the Leak Test, you will need to schedule a full Gas Safety Check with our office. However, any customers on automatic delivery that run out of gas will not get charged the Leak Test fee. (See SERVICE).

SERVICE: We charge $95.00/hour with a 1 hour minimum for service calls. Gas Safety Checks are billed at the hourly rate

RENTAL TANKS: Rental tanks include the propane tank, regulator and blocks. Our tanks represent a substantial Investment, therefore we require the customer to use twice the capacity of the tank size. If the usage is not met for that particular tank, a tank rental charge would incur or storage adjustments can be made. For any rental charges billed to a customer, no refunds of any kind are given if rental charge is not paid and tank(s) are picked up.

TANK RELOCATION: Rental tanks may only be moved by Warner’s Propane, Inc. If you would like to have your tank relocated, please call our office and arrangements will be made.

SNOW: Customers are required to have their driveways cleared to a width sufficient for the delivery truck to enter (a minimum of 10’ wide). Paths need to be cleared to the tank when snow depths reach 1 foot or higher. Warner’s Propane, Inc. is not responsible for failure to deliver propane due to
conditions beyond the company’s control.

DRIVEWAYS: We are not responsible for damage caused by delivery trucks. If you are aware of any conditions regarding your driveway, please let us know in advance.

RENTAL PROPERTIES: Property owner must notify Warner’s Propane, Inc. of changes in tenancy and inform the company of the tenants name, current telephone number and date on which the tenant plans on taking occupancy. The tenant must call our office to set up an account.

TENANTS: Credit cannot be extended to customers renting or leasing. Renters are Will-Call and C.O.D. only. Payment is due the day of delivery. You may pay the office, the driver or leave a check under the propane tank lid.

PAYMENT METHODS: We accept cash, check and credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover).

POST-DATED CHECKS: Warner’s Propane, Inc. will accept postdated checks no longer than 2 weeks from day of delivery.

PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: Deliveries will NOT be made to past due accounts until the balance due has been paid. A balance 30 days past due, will incur a finance charge of1.5% per month. This charge will be automatically applied to balances not paid before the next billing cycle.

PROGRAMS: Budget and Pre-Buy programs are available. Please call our office for more information. We participate in the LIHEAP (fuel assistance) program. Call your local County Assistance office for details.

SERVICE AGREEMENT: For all new propane customers, a service contract must be signed by the day of installation. Customer agrees to stay with Warner’s for a period of at least (1) year. If customer chooses to expel such agreement, there will be no refunds issued for gas in tanks. Discontinuation of
service will result in a labor charge at the regular rate to pick up the tank(s).

Normally all these accounts are on a Will-Call/ C.O.D basis (See Will-Call Customers and Out of Gas) because payment is always due the day of delivery.  If customer wants to be on automatic delivery, payment arrangements must be made with the office.

RETURN CHECKS: Check returned for NSF or for other reasons, will incur a $25.00 fee.